Хейлир (heylir) wrote,

Продолжаю читать "Детей Хурина"...

Many of the mining Elves thus escaped from the darkness of the mines, for they were able to bore their way out; but Gwindor received a small sword from one who worked in the forges, and when working in a stone-gang turned suddenly on the guards. He escaped, but with one hand cut off; and now he lay exhausted under the great pines of Taur-nu-Fuin.

Нет, память у меня, конечно, дырявая, но чтобы настолько?! Да и видела я изображения Гвиндора после плена... с обеими руками.

Десятью страницами дальше:

Gwindor fell into dishonour, for he was no longer forward in arms, and his strength was small; and the pain of his maimed left arm was often upon him.

Так рука всё-таки была левая...
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